Snuffle Mats for Pets -


*Mental enrichment and exercise

*Slow down their eating time

* Fun to watch them figure it out like a puzzle

* Dogs and Cats love it

* Use dry food and treats

Now Available at The Puppy Playhouse $20 each

Handmade by Nicole of Eat Play Poop Professional Pet Sitting

Great for Winter time boredom and holiday gifts!

I belong to multiple pet enrichment groups, and I saw how much fun these can be! I make them at home and I've been selling them to clients, friends, and family

I use fleece, flannel, and cotton and cut it up, then I tie it to a sink mat. The knots and fabric make it fun to snuffle around for treats and dry food. It is great for animals who are new to puzzles - it has an immediate reward of food built in as they search. 

Are now available at The Puppy Playhouse in Sherwood, Oregon during drop off and pick up hours. For orders to be mailed, please call Nicole at 503 902-1723.